Mission: Libraries for ALL


  • To promote the development of all types of libraries in the State of Madhya Pradesh

  • To develop programs for capacity building and developing skills for personnel in the field of LIS (Library and Information Science).

  • To organize the lectures, conferences, meetings, symposium in the field of LIS to share and disseminate the knowledge to the LIS professionals.

  • To conduct Continuing Education Programs to share the latest trends / knowledge to the LIS professionals.

  • To act like pressure group for implementing library legislation in the State of Madhya Pradesh.

  • To act as an advisory body to the Government and other institutions for the development of libraries.

  • To maintain liaison with Regional, national and international agencies and make use of their program, funds and other plans for the development of libraries.

  • To accept grants and donations and use the same for the development of libraries and library professionals.

  • To take up any assignment from any agency or Government in the areas of education and libraries. AND

  • Promoting the technology in libraries for providing quality access to information and knowledge. Further, he also stated that the activities will be organized throughout State and the professionals are consolidated to improve and strengthen the status of public libraries and academic libraries jointly with other State and National level Associations. He also said that this Association will join hands with everyone and organize the programs for quality library services to be provided by the libraries especially public libraries.












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